Prospects Oregon Offered Scholarships under Chip Kelly

April 14, 2014


Chip Kelly was the head coach of the Oregon Ducks from 2009 to 2012. With most of this year’s draft class being recruited to college teams during those years, how many members of this year’s draft class were made offers by Oregon?[1] We already know the Eagles have a history of drafting lots of highly […]

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QB Velocity Rankings: Nick Foles has an objectively strong arm

March 3, 2014


Arm strength for NFL quarterbacks is typically a relatively subjective assessment. Without hard data, it’s tough to say definitively who has strong arms and who doesn’t. Personally, I’ve always wondered why they don’t have QBs do a long distance toss or throw for a radar gun at the combine. Perhaps they fear it would hurt […]

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Optimal Offense/Defense Spending Ratio

March 1, 2014


First, I do not mean to steal a post idea from Jimmy Kempski with this topic.[1] He inspired this post with the tweet below, and I suppose there’s a good chance that tweet was essentially a preview of an upcoming post of his. But I couldn’t wait for him to do the research, so I […]

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Are long arms bad for bench pressing? Not so fast.

February 27, 2014


By Allen Rodriguez During this year’s NFL Combine, numerous analysts have reported bench press scores alongside arm lengths. Part of this is that the bench press is the first event after measurements are taken, but another part of it is that many analysts tell us that arm length is important context for interpreting bench press […]

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Kelly’s coaching tree beginning to sprout

January 6, 2014


Via Jason La Canfora: [L]eague sources said they expect [Washington Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen] to interview at least one member of Chip Kelly’s staff in Philadelphia. It will be likely either offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur or quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor, or perhaps even both. Prediction: Neither will be hired as a head coach anywhere […]

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Helping up QBs: Do RG3′s teammates really hate him? (No.) Who does the OL like between Vick and Foles? (Inconclusive.)

November 27, 2013


During Monday night’s Redskins-49ers game, former Eagles player personnel executive Phil Savage tweeted: One observation on 49ers/Redskins, when RGIII gets knocked down or sacked, no teammates help him up. Very telling, IMO.— Phil Savage (@SeniorBowlPhil) November 26, 2013 Then The Big Lead published “Robert Griffin III: Why Aren’t His Linemen Helping Him Up This Year?” and […]

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Week 9 (At Oakland Raiders) Review

November 4, 2013


STRATEGY 1) Using the dummy snap count to fake going for it before halftime Seems like no one on Twitter wanted the Eagles to actually go for it here, 4th-and-(a long)-1 from their own 44, up 28-10 with 1:06 left in the half. Yet Brian Burke’s 4th Down Calculator suggests going for it probably would’ve […]

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