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Breaking Down a Play Call

September 23, 2013


With apologies to those just arriving, I’ve decided to take down some of the original content of this post. The purpose was always simply to try to break down some of the terminology in the Eagles’ system. Below are the parts I feel can be left up: Here’s Brian Billick explaining a play call: Having […]

The Eagles’ Funky Silent Snap Count

September 17, 2013


There’s a very good chance Ben Muth will write about this topic more in-depth in his role as an Eagles O-Line analyst for Football Outsiders, and he’ll likely do a much better job, but until then… Note this exchange that took place between Chris Brown and Ben Muth after the Washington game: (The video Brown […]

Left-Footed Punters Induce More Muffs

September 14, 2013


Update: The original post was from September 2013. On March 1, 2014, it was updated to include even more data and information. The inspiration for this post was planted about a month ago with these tweets by Jimmy Kempski about geniuses Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly only having left-footed punters at their joint practices. Some […]

Who exactly is on the Eagles Special Teams (and where)?

September 14, 2013


Just about all of my readers can probably name the left guard on Eagles offensive plays, but who lines up there on punts? Sure you can name the return man, but who are the other 10 Eagles on the field for kickoffs? Team depth charts don’t even list entire special teams units. Without further ado: […]