6 Points: Week 3 (vs KC Chiefs)

Posted on September 22, 2013


1. Damaris Johnson’s muff came off the foot of lefty Dustin Colquitt. Hey, didn’t I just write about how the data actually does back up the belief that lefty punts are harder to catch?


2. Jamaal Charles sure seemed to commit a penalty under the new charging rule.
Via SBNation:

Runners and tacklers are prohibited from initiating contact with the crown of their helmet outside the tackle box. The components of an illegal hit are:

(1) The player must line up his opponent

(2) the player must lower his head

(3) the player must deliver a forcible blow with his crown to any part of the opposing player’s body.

Apologies in advance that none of the GIFs in this post are hover-activated.

Charles 1

Charles 2
The only potentially debatable condition is whether or not Charles lined up his opponent (Mychal Kendricks). Charles was not penalized, but I’m curious if the NFL will fine him like they did to Demeco Ryans for his hit on Malcolm Floyd.


3. To my knowledge, a complete transcript of Donovan McNabb’s halftime speech had yet to be posted anywhere online. Video and transcript below. He starts speaking around 0:46.

Video uploaded to Vimeo by Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad

“Philadelphia. I said Philadelphia! I stand here to let you know I truly love and respect everything that you’ve given me for ten years. I stand here, [unintelligible due to audio cutting out] from the bottom of my heart, to let you know I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for ME. Words cannot stand [sic] how much I truly love YOU. Those ten banners up there, six of ‘em we are responsible for. AND I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT! So if you don’t feel this energy that’s going down right now, Number 5 will always love you. The City of Brotherly Love, thank you.”

I actually laughed out loud the first three times I watched that video. It’s just incredibly awkward. “Philadelphia. I said Philadephia!” is not quite “World Champions. World F***ing Champions!” And it’s basically completely silent right as he screams about feeling the energy right now.

Feedback to Donovan:

You played 11, not 10, years here. When you looked up the years you were here (1999-2009) to calculate this fact for your speech, you needed to subtract them and then add one. I JUST WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT!

And I’m a little confused by your conditional love. I felt the energy… so do you still love me? I love you.

It’s a shame Andy Reid couldn’t have been on the field to witness the ceremony. We all know he was just so, so busy making halftime adjustments.

4. Why weren’t there horses all around the Linc Thursday night? Would Eric Berry (Mayockese: Urk Burry) have scored if the Eagles had arranged horses all around the Chiefs’ end zone? Brian Westbrook even owns a horse farm! He could’ve lent some out. Then Berry might have pulled a Westbrook as he headed toward the end zone. Also, good info here on Berry’s fishy explanations for his fear of horses.

Eric Berry


5. Jimmy Kempski and Sheil Kapadia have already broken down how Jon Dorenbos‘s off-target snap and Lane Johnson‘s blown assignment led to the failure of the Eagles’ swinging gate 2-pt conversion attempt.

I especially enjoyed the FishDuck video from Jimmy’s post. Aside from being blown away at the variety of plays they run from it, I liked how Oregon didn’t even line up in the same exact swinging gate formation every time. Sometimes there are five blockers to the left (like the Eagles had), but other times Oregon set up with six blockers over there.

I was also amused by the instances where they moved from a kicking formation to the swinging gate formation. At least in those instances, it can’t be a “we’ll only run the play if we have the look we want” situation.

Last, as a total technicality that trivia people might enjoy, while quarterbacks who receive the snap under-center aren’t eligible receivers, shotgun quarterbacks are. So even Casey Matthews didn’t give Jimmy a totally perfect answer when Jimmy asked to label the eligibles in the formation (though Jimmy did ask him for 5).


6. I haven’t seen anyone make this comparison yet, but when LeSean McCoy got hurt, I couldn’t help but think of his high school injury. In both cases, he went down in a similar manner and hurt his right ankle. Obviously (and fortunately) his ankle got caught worse in high school.

His right ankle gets snapped in this one:


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