Takeaways from the first preseason game

Posted on August 8, 2014


  1. Brandon Boykin got significant time at outside RCB. Are the Eagles experimenting with him there?! Or is this just how the substitutions shook out? AS far as I could tell, this seemed largely unreported. I only saw Geoff Mosher note it. His time there was uneventful. The Bears did not repeatedly run sweeps and fades at him while laughing that the Eagle would dare to play a 5’9″ defender at outside cornerback. (Update: I went back to check if Boykin did this in last year’s preseason and he did. Sad.)
  2. Josh Huff did not impress me as a returner. On the non-TD returns, he was stopped inside the 20 multiple times. Even on the TD return, it was arguably largely a result of very good blocking.
  3. Training Camp Darling (h/t @times_yours) Jordan Matthews (technically ineligible) did not impress. Greg Peshek counted drops for some top draft-eligible receivers and identified bad hands as a potential issue for him:

    The biggest player to watch out for here is Jordan Matthews who has a slightly above-average drop rate of 7.69%. There were a few 50/50 drops that I hedged on Matthews’ side for. He could realistically be anywhere between 7-11%. If you’re watching Matthews intently, keep an eye on his hands.

    His performance tonight amplified any concerns about his hands.

  4. Alex Henery booted at least one kickoff out of the end zone!
  5. The Eagles ran a couple newish looking running plays. As I wrote for BGN, this is nothing to be alarmed about.
  6. What is that “S / 8” sheet Chip Kelly carries? Last year it seemed it was “T1 / T2” or “S1 / S2.”


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