58534_428635452295_773752295_4735902_6358234_nBird Breakdown is where Allen Rodriguez writes up his thoughts on anything football related, but inevitably most posts have an Eagles-centric perspective. He greatly enjoys the work of many other Eagles bloggers and reporters and does his best to bring you ideas that haven’t already been beaten to death elsewhere.

Allen Rodriguez is an Eagles fan who in August 2013 realized he spent too much time learning about the Eagles not to have anything to show for it.

Raised to be a Phillies fan, with time, the NFL became an obsession thanks in large part to Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, and Madden 2004.

A staunch Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb apologist during his high school years,  Allen could not be more excited about the future under Chip Kelly, whose 2013 hiring launched Allen’s obsession with learning about football to new heights.


Some of his favorite posts include:

1. Shotgun kneel-downs

2. Left-footed punters induce more muffs

3. Are long arms bad for bench pressing? Not so fast.

4. Are too many underclassmen entering the draft?

5. Rookie Expectations for Jordan Matthews: A Historical Perspective on 2nd-Round Receivers

Follow Allen on Twitter at @ByAJRodriguez.

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