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Chip Kelly Calling Plays GIFs

October 4, 2014


Silly post today. During a timeout prior to halftime in the 49ers game, Chip Kelly uncharacteristically looked a bit flustered getting his play call in. And if you’re curious what all that searching yielded, here’s what he dialed up: All that for a pass caught by 49ers’ cornerback Perrish Cox (albeit without getting two feet […]

Preseason Preview: Don’t put too much weight on seeing new offensive plays tonight

August 8, 2014


I greatly look forward to tonight’s preseason matchup versus the Bears. I suspect many fans and media will be curious to see how much the offense has changed for Year 2 under Chip Kelly and Nick Foles. But we must remember these games typically reveal practically nothing at all. I fear that the offense will […]

Rookie Expectations for Jordan Matthews: A Historical Perspective on 2nd-Round Receivers

May 20, 2014


By Allen Rodriguez Much of the intrigue surrounding any new draft class revolves around the mystery of how good the players will turn out to be. The Eagles seem very high on Jordan Matthews, and GJ Kinne has told us he’s special. Recently, Tommy Lawlor and Brent Cohen both speculated about what type of impact […]

Evaluating the Eagles’ Draft Trades

May 15, 2014


By Allen Roriguez — Follow this blog on Twitter The Eagles made the purely pick-for-picks trades (no players involved) on draft day. Using Football Perspective’s draft pick value calculator (FP) and the classic Jimmy Johnson value calculator (JJ), let’s see how the Eagles did. Trade #1: PHI trades #22 to CLE for #26 and #83 […]

Undrafted Underclassmen

May 14, 2014


By Allen Rodriguez Follow this blog on Twitter A lot has been made about the number of underclassmen who entered this year’s draft, and recently, much of the talk has been about the number of these prospects who went undrafted. So what’s going on? If every underclassman went drafted, no one would suggest there was […]

Optimal Offense/Defense Spending Ratio

March 1, 2014


First, I do not mean to steal a post idea from Jimmy Kempski with this topic.[1] He inspired this post with the tweet below, and I suppose there’s a good chance that tweet was essentially a preview of an upcoming post of his. But I couldn’t wait for him to do the research, so I […]

Are long arms bad for bench pressing? Not so fast.

February 27, 2014


By Allen Rodriguez During this year’s NFL Combine, numerous analysts have reported bench press scores alongside arm lengths. Part of this is that the bench press is the first event after measurements are taken, but another part of it is that many analysts tell us that arm length is important context for interpreting bench press […]